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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 17: iHear Network, 3D Digital Weather Clock, Minimal RSS Widget

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh apps let you customize your home screen in two ways and listen to content from around the world. With iHear Network, your phone’s map becomes a geo-based radio for content from cities everywhere; 3D Digital Weather Clock gives your home screen a cool 3D look, while Minimal RSS Widget allows your favorite feeds to blend seamlessly into your home screen.

iHear Network (Free)

Text-based location services are everywhere. This one offers a twist. Using geo-location tagging and text-to-speech technology, iHear Network lets you listen to content from around the world city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood, street by street.

Content updates every time you move the map. Author names and hashtags float by on a scrolling marquee as you listen. If you need it, a tutorial will guide you through the features.

3D Digital Weather Clock (Free)

Home screen clocks are hot. I mentioned one yesterday called Make Your Clock Widget. This one is 3D – and that alone makes it cool enough to check out. Display a tiny 3D desk on your home screen with the upcoming weather forecast, phone status, and a battery life gauge.

Settings let you customize colors, the location for the weather forecasts, and the clock for 12 or 24 hour display.

Minimal RSS Widget (Free)

The title says it all. Have your favorite RSS feeds appear, minimally, right on your home screen. Transparent background and black or white letters blend right into whatever theme you use.

Scroll up and down through the feeds using adjacent arrows, or let the autoscroll roll through when the feed updates. Place as many of RSS widgets as you want across your screens.

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