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Art of Glow a shining addition to Android doodling apps

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Even if your artistic ability is limited to stick figures and smiley faces, Art of Glow for your Android phone will make anything you draw jump off the canvas.

An electric alternative to your average doodler app, Art of Glow allows you to create fluorescent, glowing pictures on a plain black canvas with just the tip of your finger. As soon as you drag your finger across the screen, doodling or adding shapes, these images suddenly burst with color. Because this part of the app is so easy to use, it's bound to entertain everyone from a small child to your great-grandmother.

To mix things up a bit, you can always tap into the app's preferences, which can be accessed via the tiny "Tools" button at the right corner of the screen. Here, you can pick which shapes you'd like to stamp on the screen and which colors you're using. Almost regarding the doodles as if they were stars in the night sky, there are options to modify glow time, speed, blink and rebirth.

To be honest, the first time I checked out these modification options, I was a little intimidated. The menu has a lot of options with moveable slider bars, which makes it look almost like something you'd see when goofing around with advanced volume settings on your computer. But, once you goof around with it a little bit, you'll get the hang of it. These choices make for an infinite amount of possibilities.

One issue I had with Art of Glow was its intrusive banner ads along the top of the screen. I understand there need to be allowances made for advertising with free apps, but because these clunky commercials blocked valuable drawing space, they bothered me. Even when set to the smallest brush sizes, the scribbles you make in Art of Glow are huge, and when you don't have a very large canvas to begin with, every little bit of space is valuable.

Though I saw references to a pro version of this app on various app websites, there didn't appear to be such an animal in the Android marketplace yet.

Art of Glow is a fun doodle app that you'll keep picking up. It's free, so there's no reason not to give it a try.

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