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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 9: Harmonica: Free Edition!, iGuardianTeen, Rant Sports

by Ian Black

No-one can say Android apps aren’t original. Two of today’s apps are both fresh and innovative. Harmonica turns your Droid into a wind instrument, the iGuardianTeen app empowers paranoid parents everywhere and finally, Rant Sports just delivers the sports news you need.

Harmonica: Free Edition! (Free)

Now this is something you don’t see every day. This app turns your phone into a fully functional harmonica. Well, almost. It’s really a very cool illusion that still allows you to play notes or songs.

The touch sensitive instrument appears along one edge of the screen. If you slide your mouth along the side of your phone, your top lip will trigger the sounds. You could, of course, also play it using your fingers.

iGuardianTeen ($19.99)

Want to keep a close eye on your teen even when they’re off driving without you? This fairly expensive app sends a complete report on your kid’s road trip including distance, top speed, GPS recorded route, collisions, phone usage, and much more.

Put the phone in a dashboard mount and the camera will even record video of the trip as well.

Rant Sports (Free)

ESPN not social enough for you? Gather your sports from a collection of blogs, columns, and posts from fans. Find wild rumors, opinions, and some actual late-breaking news.

A "Topics" section displays a list of trending topics which you can browse just by tapping on ones that interest you. Want to contribute? Simply touch "Report" to submit your own thoughts or pictures.