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Android Assistant app maximizes your phone's performance

by Ian Black

Have Android phones become so complicated that we require an assistant to help operate one? Perhaps. Android Assistant (12 features) provides an overview of your phone, and tools to help you get the most out of it. It's useful for people who want to maximize their phone's performance, but it's a little too intense for casual users.

The app's graphics show you the current CPU and memory usage, as well as battery life. With a touch of the "Quick Boost" button, the app will try to reclaim memory not actively being used.

Jump over to "Process" to see all the currently running apps and services. Color coding tells you whether they are services, widgets or apps from the "Launcher" screen. As with a task killer, you can then check the ones you want to terminate, and press the "Kill Selected" button.

The "Tools" tab provides a list of phone-management tools. I was surprised by some of the cool capabilities. For example, you can adjust all the volumes settings — media, ringer, alarm, voice call, etc. — in one place. You can uninstall several apps at once by placing a check next to them in a list. Or, you can see which apps on your phone are draining your battery fastest. This list goes on and on.

Android Assistant doesn't feel like an app I'd use every day, but it does provide features that I haven't seen in typical task killers or launchers. Therefore, I think it's worth having around.

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