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Fresh Android Apps for Feb. 4: Terrible Towel, Conversation Hearts Plus, myPrompts

by Ian Black

Are you ready for some football? Only two days until the Super Bowl. Get prepped by downloading the fresh Terrible Towel app, but only if you’re not a Green Bay Packers fan. Today’s fresh apps also include a heart-warming app called Conversation Hearts Plus and helpful scheduling tool named myPrompts.

Terrible Towel ($0.99)

The Pittsburgh Steeler’s Terrible Towel is so famous it’s been copied by sports franchises around the world. Held aloft and twirled with menace, the yellow and black bar towel buoys the hearts of the faithful and strikes fear into those of the opposition.

This novelty app digitizes the sacred linen just in time for Sunday’s Super Bowl. Raise your Android high and spin it in sync with stadium crowd but don’t slip or you’ll accidently fling your phone at the flat screen.

Conversation Hearts Plus ($0.99)

Candy hearts go beautifully with Valentine’s Day. Use this app to create a virtual candy heart with your own customized love message. Change sizes and colors to personalize it. Once crafted, you can send the heart via MMS (multimedia message), email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Send a heart to let your sweetie know you are thinking of him or her before the big day, but don’t this be your only gift or your Android might be your sole companion.

myPrompts (~$3.21)

An iPhone app called iPrompts creates visual schedules to help children with autism better manage daily activities. It gets positive reviews for everything except it’s $50 price. This app seeks to deliver similar functionality for only just a tad over $3.00.

Build new typical kid tasks entries, a time limit, and attach a personalized picture or use the default image. The creator says 50 percent of the app revenue goes to charity.

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