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2X Client top Android Apps of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Another big week for Android, with Google showing off the intricate details of Honeycomb 3.0, the biggest update Android’s OS has seen to date. Designed with tablets in mind, a few top apps this week will look great on the bigger screen. Business apps in particular seem to be a big draw; QuickOffice even came out with an app version just for Honeycomb this week.

All work, no play

Android tablets will be big draws for business users, so cloud-sharing apps will be on the rise. 2X Client has a free and simple solution to connect your mobile device to your home or office computer. The remote desktop app currently supports Windows desktops, and supports a host of VDIs.

QuickOffice was one of the chosen to demo a Honeycomb 3.0 app at Google’s press event this week. The mobile suite already has an Android app you can take a crack at, with a full-featured Microsoft Office productivity suite optimized for mobile use. You can also share, transfer and manage files across a number of cloud services, for $9.99.

Appcard Light is a new and rising star this week, with a digital solution to the fumbling business card dance. With this free app, users can create a business card using simple templates. Show your business card on your Android screen, or send it to a new acquaintance via email, Facebook, Twitter or QR code. The full version runs approximately $1.07.

Android Booster is another climber this week, with a straightforward take on optimizing your smartphone’s resources. Minimize power consumption, set preferences around Internet usage and run scans for auto-optimization. Free, this app has SD card support, file-managers, traffic monitors and more.

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Media magic

Mozilla is getting serious about its Android presence, updating its Firefox 4 Beta app with bug fixes, theme support and over 100 add-ons. The mobile browser’s staked new territory in the Android Market, with added speed and stability for the new version of the app.  Mozilla Firefox Web Browser is free to download.

If the default messaging tools on your Android just aren’t fancy enough, try the free HighNote (non-market) app. It’s an entire interface for managing messages, including SMS, shared media, and social network updates. The service is free, with support for photos, music, geo-tagging and videos, as well as events, calendar integration, group messaging and more.

Search high and low

You can “check-in” on Google Maps too now, thanks to an update adding the popular feature every mobile app seems to need. This update is special, however, as it allows you to check-in automatically when you arrive at your destination. Free, Google Maps is frequently updated, adding new, and sometimes social, features to the local search app.

Searching from your mobile phone can be cumbersome and timely—it’s just not the same as Googling from your computer. Blekko is out to address this issue, using people to curate search results. It’s a network of sorts, leveraging a wide community to filter and share the web along with you. This new-age search app is free.

Mobile apps make it pretty easy to create a niche search tool, and Digi-Key’s steady rise is a noteworthy example. Geared towards engineers and gadget geeks, this Android app offers mobile access to Digi-Key’s entire inventory of in-stock electronic components.  Having a tinkerer for a boyfriend, I’ve been amazed at how often an app like this becomes a time-saving solution.

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