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Android tablet games await Honeycomb to truly compete with iPad

by Kristen Nicole

Android tablets, games and developers

Android tablets may not be the most competitive in a market still dominated by Apple’s (AAPL) iPad, but the mobile gaming industry is still looking towards the potential behind devices like the upcoming Motorola (MMI) XOOM, featuring Honeycomb Android 3.0. Another perk Android tablets have over the iPad? Adobe (ADBE) Flash games.

The result is a more dedicated gaming front for Android’s platform, with developers like Papaya Mobile seeking a console-like experience on tablets. It’s becoming more of a reality, with powerful mobile processors, multiple CPU cores and 3D capabilities, turning Android tablets into commanding game machines. "This kind of development will serve to increase the quality of games available on the Android Market, ultimately strengthening the ecosystem," says Paul Chen, head of business development at Papaya.

Chen went on to say that the mobile gaming ecosystem will eventually be defined by its ability to generate revenue for the developers, which is where platform strategies like Papaya’s come in handy. Open Feint is building around its platform marketing capabilities as well, launching a Spotlight app to get developers’ products noticed in a swelling sea of Android apps.

Another go at PlayStation for Android

Going back to the console effect for Android tablets, it’s something many gamers crave for PlayStation games in particular. While Sony (SNE) has released a basic PS app in the Market, emulators have a wider range for game play. The FPSE app for Android is headed our way, with a system that’s reportedly more stable than other emulators in the Market. Fingers crossed, they’re not boasting in vain.

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