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Miren Browser for Android is fast and functional

by Rebekah Johnson

Even on the 4.3" screen of my HTC Evo, I think most web browser apps try to cram too much into too little space. Toolbars, themes and color schemes -- why all the clutter? Miren Browser lets you make the most of your screen without sacrificing features. It's got the multitouch pinch-to-zoom, multi-language options and Flash support that you expect in a well-equipped Android Internet browser app, but the simple design means you really see the web page you want to see, not a screen full of controls.

The quick toggle between full-screen browsing and URL entry mode means you don't lose real estate to a tool bar, and the gesture swipe to move forward and back in your visited pages eliminates the need for even more buttons. The buttons you do see are semi-transparent, keeping the overall look clean and unobtrusive. Tabbed browsing is a must in any Android browser, and Miren includes a convenient option to open links in a separate tab.

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The latest update to this app includes some power-saving tweaks and a desktop widget for your RSS feeds and other bookmarks. The widget mirrors the simple interface of the browser. You can find the developer on the XDA Forums, and he is always taking suggestions for improvements.

With its combination of minimalist design and power-packed functionality, Miren has quickly become my Android browser of choice.