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Keep up with science, technology news with Android app

by Caitlin M. Foyt

The Popular Science Magazine app for your Android phone keeps users informed on up-to-the minute science and technology news while on the go. It's a great resource for everything cutting edge in science: Fancy new gizmos and gadgets, green technology, everything dealing with space exploration and advancements in medicine., the app's official name, is almost like a news reader, providing users with instant access to all of the articles on the website. What's nice about the way this app is set up is that it puts these stories in an easy-to-read format — the font is larger, and paragraphs are further distanced apart than they would be online. If you would like type to be larger or smaller, you can make adjustments by clicking your phone's "Menu" button. makes articles easy to absorb, so you can learn everything you need to know about 3D gaming when you're waiting for the bus.

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The app's home page has a very clean design, with a single featured article at the top. Below that is a long, scrollable list of articles. This list is defaulted to "All Articles," but users can click the small "Categories" button to filter articles by topic: "Cars," "Environment," "Gadgets," "Science" and "Technology." The app manages to store a lot of information, but also keeps it organized.

Any stories of interest can be shared either by Facebook and Twitter, or by SMS, Bluetooth or email.

One complaint I have about is how invasive its advertising is. When I was checking out the app, a major car maker had ads that were lined up along both the top and bottom of the screen. While the ad near the top had smaller icons and was confined to the right hand corner, the ad at the bottom shot out at me like a pop-up. The first time my finger inched down in that direction, the ad would propel itself upward, and get in my way. I found it irritating.

Still, this app is an efficient way to keep the future at your fingertips.