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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 25: Camera File, VirtuaGym, AAA Roadside

by Ian Black

Convenience is the theme for today’s fresh Android apps. With Camera File, you can easily add new photos to email. VirtuaGym makes workouts easy anywhere and anytime. Finally, AAA Roadside speeds up your car trouble rescue calls.

Camera File (Free)

Simple but useful wins the day. Ever want to attach a new picture to an email you’ve already starting writing? Normally, this would require you switching out of email, launching the camera, taking a picture, saving it to a file, going back to email and then attaching the new picture. Whew, I’m tired just writing that.

In the same situation with Camera File, just press Attach File and select Camera File from the list of possible attachment types. Camera File lets you snap a new picture with your camera and automatically attaches it to your existing email. Note: Downloading Camera File does not create a new icon in your app menu – you’ll see it only when you select Attach File in a email.

VirtuaGym Fitness Home and Gym (Free)

Keep your personal trainer in your pocket. VirtuaGym guides you through workouts right from your phone. Animated instructor “Brad Fit” shows you the exercise in action and you follow along. Tap for a text description if you need more detailed information.

Select an individual exercise or a whole workout. Choose strength or flexibility. Most workouts can be done with no equipment other than what you would have in your house.

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AAA Roadside (Free)

Ever been on hold calling for roadside assistance? No fun. This app cuts out the operator and allows you to enter your request with a couple of taps. Location info gets pre-loaded based on your Android’s physical location.

When you download the app, go ahead and enter your name, member number, phone and vehicle information to make your emergency requests go more smoothly.