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Stop tapping and get writing with WritePad Android app

by Kate Currin

I love my Motorola Droid X, but sometimes tap, tap, tapping on the small keyboard one finger at a time reminds me too much of learning how to type on a typewriter back in 9th grade (yes, I'm that old). With the WritePad app for Android ($9.99), I can now use my finger in my own chicken scratch to write out the words I want to text, email or use to make a list in organizing apps. It recognizes print, cursive and even a mixture of the two, which I tend to use.

The handwriting-recognition app seamlessly installed on my Android phone and had easy-to-use instructions on enabling, as well as using, the app. It took me about a minute to install, enable, and start writing text messages instead of tap, tap, tapping them, one letter at a time. I can imagine this app is ingenious on a tablet, but not so much on any phone smaller than a Droid X.

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I also thought I would have trouble just using my finger to write, and wasn't very excited about carrying around a stylus, but the recognition is stellar with just finger writing. If you have larger than average fingers, you might not be so lucky with the WritePad app.

This handwriting-recognition app definitely earns a place on my must-have Android app list. I'm going to be using this app 24/7. The app also has autocorrect, an editable user dictionary, an easy-to-use calculator function and one press of a button takes you back to keyboard mode, if you so choose.