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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 20: MasterCard ATM Hunter, Rescue Me!, Pediatric SymptomMD

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh list delivers three new resourceful apps. MasterCard helps you find a close bank machine with their ATM Hunter. Rescue Me! allows you to keep tabs on an elderly parent. And Pediatric SymtomMD assists you in caring for sick kids.

MasterCard ATM Hunter (Free)

There are a few apps that help you find ATMs, but MasterCard’s new app goes a step further. It performs the basics – finding ATMs based on your GPS location or an address, and then navigating you to the one you choose. But, it also allows you to search for a specific bank’s machine to avoid fees, tells you where specifically the ATM is located (in the gas station, for example), or lets you search on details like wheelchair accessible or 24-hour service.

Rescue Me! (~$2.00)

Use Rescue Me! to automatically monitor whether or not someone you care about is OK. Preset the app to automatically send a “rescue me” text message every day at a specific time. The person with the phone gets a notice that the text will be sent in a customizable number of minutes unless they deactivate it. Thus, if you get the message, something may be wrong. Simple yet brilliant.

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Pediatric SymptomMD ($2.99)

Child illnesses cause parents great anxiety. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists all provide great information and assistance but often a kid’s symptoms change or questions arise in the middle of the night or on a weekend when professionals aren’t readily available. Enter Pediatric SymptomMD.

This app lets you search symptoms by alphabetical order or by body part. You’ll find advice based on medical protocols used by call centers across the country, tried and tested over years of use. Also, scope out the dosage info for many over-the-counter drugs based on weight and age.