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Android device updates lag behind Apple, intensifying OS wars

by Kristen Nicole

Android is pretty distinct from Apple (AAPL), on multiple levels. The operating system, though, is at the center of their differences, with large-scale maintenance becoming an issue for Google (GOOG). Just do a news scan for Android—you’ll find countless articles announcing upcoming, delayed or problematic handset updates, with someone always feeling left out.

Prominent app developer Bump reiterated Android’s OS update issues with some figures released this week, with nearly 90 percent of iOS device owners running the latest version, while less than 1 percent of Android OS users having the most recent 2.3 version installed.

This issue is worsened by Google’s lack of a solution, with a ZDNet article pointing out Android’s flawed update process. The article goes on to note Google’s industry position, saying, “It is competing with all of its partners, rather than stepping in and doing something to help smooth out the whole process.”

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RealPlayer update

Another app development team is paying close attention to its Android users as well; RealPlayer has been updated this week, in a major way. A new landscape “Now playing” mode and music playlist support have been added, along with a new home screen widget for navigating your playlists. The app’s interface overall has been improved, with more points of interaction for managing your content.