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Maxthon is an easy to use Android browser app

by Ian Black

Maxthon Browser for Android maximizes ease of use. With mobile, the physics of small screens and virtual or small-sized keypads limit your ability to browse quickly. Maxthon pre-sets a lot of things, so you just need to tap and go.

The browser's home screen provides a list of useful sites, categorized into "Search," "Social Networks," "News," "Shopping" and "Video." Each category offers several of the "usual suspect sites" — like Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Wikipedia, for example — so all you need to do is tap once to get there.

Similarly, your browser history is easy to access by tapping the clock icon on the browser's menu bar. Then, you can flick scroll to a site you like, and tap to return there. You can also populate a "Favorites" pane with your short list of cool sites.

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Maxthon uses tabs so you can quickly move between sites — but, in a unique twist, the browser also has a preview carousel that lets you see what the pages in the tabs look like before you go there. It looks and acts a little like a task switcher. And, it's just as helpful. Managing the small screen works well, too.

My only complaint was that I couldn't get YouTube videos to play over my Nexus One. All in all, though, the Maxthon browser is easier than most, and feels very aware of the features people want from a phone browser.