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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 18: TurboTax SnapTax, MoneyWise Free, SwipePad Beta

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh Android apps remind us that money talks and that-which-cannot-be-named-on-a-family-website walks. Try doing your taxes over your phone with the latest app release from Intuit called TurboTax SnapTax. Track your expenses on the go with MoneyWise. Or, remember that time is money and speed up your app launching with SwipePad Beta.

TurboTax SnapTax (Free)

Doing taxes doesn’t get much easier than this. Snap a photo of your W2 with your phone’s camera and let SnapTax go to work. Answer a few follow-up questions right from the app, then click to file both state and federal taxes electronically for a $15 fee.

This approach won’t let you itemize deductions, file any subforms, or do anything too advanced. But, if you normally file the EZ form, why not do it from your phone?

MoneyWise Free (Free)

Track your daily expenses with that tool in your pocket. Enter amounts and categorize expenses in the moment. Or, go back and tag expenses you’ve entered with new categories at a later time. Graph your outflow by month or year.

The app also provides cool features like backing up to an SD card, exporting your data to a CSV file for use in a spreadsheet, or even switching currencies on the fly while traveling.

Download our new Android app!

SwipePad Beta (Free)

You may be fast when launching apps, but SwipePad Beta will likely make you faster. Assign apps to its customizable slots and you’re set to go. From inside any app, a finger flick will bring up SwipePad’s menu. Swipe over an app and lift your finger to launch. Challenge your iPhone friends to an app speed-launching contest.