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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 14: Safety NET, Android Forum, ParisVine Shop

by Ian Black

Safety NET provides help for the fallen at the top of today’s fresh Android apps. It’s an app that might be useful for the elderly or those recovering from illness or injury. From there, scope out specific flash cards for those shopping in France or the latest discussions about Android brought right to your phone.

Safety NET ($3.99)

Turn on Safety NET on your phone or the phone of someone you love and it stands guard, “stands” being the operative word. The app monitors the phone’s accelerometer for signs of a sudden fall. If triggered, the app sends your personalized emergency contact (which you can set to 911 or a person you know) a text message and also dials a phone number and leaves the speaker phone on for you to talk with them, if you’re able.

A countdown timer allows you to stop the alert if you’ve just dropped your phone or fallen during a sporting activity, for example.

Android Forum (Free)

This app brings a set of global Android forums to your phone. Find out about the latest OS names, features, bugs, and when they’re scheduled to arrive. Learn about the latest app releases and the general industry buzz about the ‘droids we all know and love. Then, post your own thoughts, comments, and questions to join the conversation.

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ParisVine Shop ($1.99)

You’ve heard a math, vocabulary, or even foreign language flash cards. How about flash cards designed just to teach you just the phrases you need to go shopping in France? Learn the French for “sale”, “credit card”, “cashier”, “20% off”, and other retail phrases with this handy app.