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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 13: Google Translate update, Morse Light, Days Since (Free)

by Ian Black

Google just delivered a new 2.0 version of their Translate tool. Its new conversation mode may change how you use your phone in foreign countries. That, and the interesting and useful Days Since and Morse Light top today’s fresh apps.

Google Translate (Free)

The new 2.0 version of Google Translate delivers a completely new user interface and an exciting new Conversation Mode (currently a Beta feature only for English-Spanish). Stand next to a Spanish speaker and say what you’d like in English. The app translates to Spanish and speaks it aloud. Hand the phone to your friend and it’s ready to hear them say something in Spanish and will translate back to English. You can continue to hold a conversation this way without actually speaking the same language. Very cool!

Morse Light (~$0.66)

Morse code is rarely used nowadays but it has an incredibly rich history of use in outdoor adventuring and military missions. Learn and explore this amazing “language” with this app. Type the text you want to send and have the app either flash the code in light or beep it in sound. Need someone to communicate with? Try a boy or girl scout.

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Days Since (Free) (Free)

When did you last change the filter in your water purifier or the oil in your lawnmower? Calendars don’t work so well in keeping track of mundane things that you do infrequently but it would be great to know. That’s where the Days Since app comes in.

Days Since tracks any task you want and lets you know when you need to do it again or if the task is overdue.