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Is the iPhone already stealing Android’s thunder?

by Kristen Nicole

Stealing thunder

Android’s got some new competition at Verizon (VZ), now that Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone is on the block. While the smartphone market is still growing, the expansion of iPhone’s service providers is set to jumpstart a new spurt. Analysts are already calculating the iPhone’s impact, with Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co. saying “the iPhone will suck the wind out of Android’s growth on Verizon.”

Security issues

Another area Android is losing out to the iPhone is malware and security, with anti-virus makers Sophos and Trend Micro noting Android’s higher vulnerability to attacks than the iPhone. Social networking apps are of particular concern, as they facilitate a higher rate of content-sharing.

Companies like Sophos and Trend Micro are quick to point out security flaws or shortcomings, though a comparitive look means Android’s OS versus the iPhone’s is debatable. Nevertheless, security companies are ramping up efforts around mobile devices, with Trend Micro announcing an SMS-block and spam filter security app.

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Android OS update rumors

Android’s OS is still improving however, with rumors of an “Ice Cream” update 2.4 hitting the mill. There are very few details about a 2.4 release, confusing because it seems out of order now that we have confirmation of Google’s (GOOG) upcoming Honeycomb 3.0 updates. Whatever Ice Cream turns out to be, though, we’ll be around to report on any official news.