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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 11: Dolphin Browser Mini & Google Goggles updates, PressReader

by Ian Black

Cool updates lead the Android fresh apps for today – a phone browser called Dolphin Browser Mini and Google’s augmented reality browser called Google Goggles. Then comes a newspaper reader with content from around the world.

Dolphin Browser Mini update (Free)

Dolphin Browser Mini is supposed to be a streamlined, trimmed down phone browser. In fact, it’s more full-featured than many 'full' browsers created by others. You’ll find blazing speed, useful pop-up commands like "Copy URL" when you touch and hold the address bar, and support for gestures to move quickly through web pages by drawing symbols with your fingers.

In this update, the Mini goes from Beta release to 1.0. What few bugs were fed back to the developers have been fixed. Check it out.

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Google Goggles update (Free)

Augmented reality means the power of the Internet-connected phone adds to our understanding of the physical world around us. Gaze through your phone’s camera at the world and the apps overlay additional information.

Google Goggles was one of the first augmented reality browsers available. In this 1.3 update, the app adds a Sudoku puzzle solver, fast barcode recognition, the ability to recognize print adds, “torch mode” for dim lighting, and more. Strap your Goggles on and get augmented.

PressReader (Free)

Print newspaper may be dying, but PressReader delivers over a thousand of them from 98 countries in pint-sized digital form to your Android. Flip through pages like you’re reading a regular paper, pinch and zoom in on pictures, or open articles in text view for easier reading. Read seven issues for free then buy individual issues for 99 cents each or sign-up for a subscription.