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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 10: Emergency App, US Marines Close Combat Manual

by Ian Black

Ever find yourself in trouble? Today’s fresh apps turn your phone into a self-defense training guide or an emergency tool.

Emergency App (~$1.36)

Some places are safer than others. If you’re ever in a bad area this could be a very handy app. With one click it sends out two emergency emails, an SMS message, and calls a pre-determined telephone number. The emails and text include a link to your location over Google Maps via GPS. The app includes a widget for one-click access you can keep on your  home screen, and the developer hopes to add more features in the future to enhance the services it offers.

US Marines Close Combat Manual ($1.99)

Learn from the toughest how to do the fight part of the “Flight or Fight Response” in a dangerous situation. Find a hyperlinked table of contents, helpful diagrams, and step-by-step instructions from a military how-to manual. Useful for hand-to-hand combat, disarming people, and the ever-so-ugly knife fight.