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Fresh Android Apps for Jan. 4: VonageCF, I’m Driving Free, aFunFacts

by Ian Black

Save money, stay alive, and make your friends and kids think you’re a genius. Your own mother barely gives you this much good advice. That’s why you want to read Fresh Andrioid Apps every day! On top – VonageCF – which allows you to use your Vonage VoIP account over your cell phone.

VonageCF (Free)

Many use the Vonage Voice-over-IP service to replace their landline. This app claims to allow you to use the Vonage service over your cell phone for free – it does use your cell plan’s minutes – for international calls. Enter your account information and the app activates a call-forwarding feature that makes it all work.

I’m Driving Free (Free)

Let’s face facts. The problem is bigger than texting while driving. Smartphones, unless they are in car-mode for GPS navigation, and driving don’t mix. This app sends a customized message to anyone who calls or texts you while you’re on the road. It will also silence all incoming messages and calls so you aren’t distracted. Spend more for no ads and a private group feature which sends close friends a different personalized message.

aFunFacts (Free)

Quick, what percentage of humans are left-handed? Betcha didn’t know it’s 17 percent, which is also the same percentage of left-handed chimpanzees and gorillas. Play "Stump the Parent" with your kids but secretly have aFunFacts at the ready. It’s true, you are smarter than you look.