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Android’s high hopes for 2011

by Kristen Nicole

Android to continue takeover 2011

I think it’s fair to say smartphone growth has passed the tipping point, with sales outdoing themselves month after month, and projections for smartphone sales to surpass computer sales in 2011. Making 2010 a coming out party for Android, the smartphone’s international growth is what really puts things into perspective. In 2011, Forbes reports, we can expect to see half a billion smartphones sold worldwide, accounting for primary web access for communication needs.

Forbes goes on to highlight the two areas of growth that have supported this smartphone takeover: improved wireless infrastructures, and cheaper manufacturing costs for smartphone development. Together, these trends have powered a smartphone movement that will truly change the way we communicate with each other, search and acquire information, and share data with the world. Google (GOOG) is anticipating another great year for smartphone market penetration, having recently announced Android Honeycomb and a slew of tablet partners for its upcoming OS releases.

Where apps come in

While Android’s OS could always use improvements, it’s been up to the developer community to fill in some gaps. Something to keep an eye out for is the VLC Player, a popular open-source video player that supports multiple file types. Having launched successfully for the iPhone earlier this fall, VLC is now making its way to Android.

The publishing industry is also anxious to deliver more media to Android handsets. Inc. Magazine is debuting in the Android Market this week, covering the business industry, from news to tips and interviews. Now that publishers are keen on digital distribution, many are taking their subscription models mobile. Inc. Magazine is about $2.00 per month for the Android version.