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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 17: Google Maps and Y! Messenger updates, Comics

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Today's Fresh Android apps features an update to Google Maps to include cool, 3D maps, a Yahoo! Messenger update to add a voice-calling feature, and an exciting tribute to the comic book.

Google Maps update (Android) FREE

You can now travel and explore using 3D maps. A recent update by Google Maps now includes a 3D feature, which allows users to tilt and rotate maps at various angles. Maps have been programmed to download more quickly and can be stored offline. Even if you lose your connection for a bit, you won’t be completely lost, which is especially useful if using the in-built navigation features. Android 1.6 devices and above can get Maps 5.0, but 3D and offline features require Android 2.0 and higher.

Yahoo! Messenger update (Android) FREE

Yahoo! Messenger for Android is an app that’s designed to keep online instant messaging conversations going even after users have walked away from the computer. A brand new update now allows users to save some time by syncing phone contacts directly into their Yahoo! address book. Also included with this update is a new, free, voice calling feature, which means that calls can be made from directly from inside the application.

Comics (Android) FREE

A popular app for the iPhone platform as digital comic store, library and reader, Comics by ComiXology has finally made its way over to Android. It’s a reader that has tons of different titles, from major publishers and indie comic writers alike. Some are free, but some of the more popular titles, like The Walking Dead, Green Lantern or World of Warcraft comics you’ll have to buy. This app also offers a "guided view" which keeps the entire page of a comic intact, but readers can zoom in and out, or read by panel. This app stays true to the classic comic small business model by allowing readers to track down and connect with local comic book stores so that they can buy hard copies of their favorite titles.