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Android dominates Verizon smartphone sales, and other industry news

by Kristen Nicole

Android + Verizon = big sales, big ads

Android may have seen early success selling G1 smartphones through T-Mobile (DTEGY.PK), but it’s Verizon (VZ) that’s proving to be a most beneficial partner. A report from ITG Investment Research demonstrates that 80 percent of Verizon smartphone sales are Android devices.

It’s another indicator of Android’s dominance on multiple fronts, making the Google (GOOG) mobile platform one for the books. The benefits of Google’s deal with Verizon is also manifested through advertising, with a deal for Google Ads in Verizon’s FiOS network, which claims to be the fastest Internet service in the U.S. FiOS takes a branded portal approach, with features for phone calls and high definition TV as well.

Developer needs, wants and play time

It’s the developer community that’s contributed a great deal to Android’s success as well, though they’re seeking their own ways to cash-in on the growing market. Fortumo, the mobile payments service that power’s Rovio’s in-game purchases for Angry Birds, has released new features, including offline payments for Android developers to incorporate into their apps.

Google’s also keen on addressing developer needs, especially if the likes of Fortumo continues to circumvent direct integration with Google’s payment system offerings. With the major 2.3 update right around the corner, Android developers “welcome the effort, they say there is a lot of work left to be done,” reports PC World.

And if you think you can handle your own game development house, try the new Android title Game Dev Story. It’s another virtual management game, along the lines of Diner Dash, but with a nerdy twist. Hire the best staff, publish games for consoles, and ride the wave all the way to the top.