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Android 2.2 dominates the scene; Pocket God hits the Market

by Kristen Nicole

And the survey says…

With so many mobile operating systems on the market, it’s a wonder Android is able to keep up with itself. Its OS alone has several iterations, from 1.5 to 2.2, with Gingerbread updates on the horizon. So how does its market distribution play out? Some interesting reports have emerged this week, offering insight into Android’s scene.

A survey from Android Developers shows that higher OS versions (2.1 and 2.2) have finally become the norm, taking over 80 percent of the market. Android Developers also looks at the historic distribution of all available Android versions, with 2.1 having widespread domination in recent weeks. Expanding a uniform approach to Android has made it easier for developers to build apps around the mobile platform.

We also see some gender roles playing out amongst Google's (GOOG) Android and Apple's (AAPL) operating systems, with men preferring Android at a higher rate, while women are more keen on Apple iOS. Based on a recent Nielsen report, the month of October also demonstrated Android as the second most desired mobile OS, falling just behind Apple’s preference.

Unruly pocket gods

While Android OS updates are making things more inviting for developers, the gaming industry is still facing some obstacles when porting titles from the iPhone to Android devices. Pocket God, from developer ngmoco, has finally made its way to the Android Market, but is a little buggy in some areas. Game developer Rovio faced similar issues when making the Android leap for it's popular title Angry Birds.

Google Reader stands alone

For an app that’s surely dedicated to the Android platform, try Google Reader. This web-based Google App has made its way to the Android Market as a stand-alone app. Google Reader comes with feed management and sharing tools, following behind YouTube and Gmail as the latest to be ported for specialized mobile use.