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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 24: SkyFire 3.0, DayLife, Mute-O-Matic

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Today's Fresh Android apps features a browser designed for social networking, an app that monitors mental health and another that acknowledges your busy schedule.

SkyFire 3.0 with Facebook (Android) FREE

SkyFire is a mobile browser designed especially for the social networking generation. This update has added Facebook components to its "SkyBar," the menu bar that runs along the bottom of the app. There's also a "popular" option, which lets you know what people are talking about on other websites. You can also like things from this menu and tap into your Facebook account from the app.

The app's "fireplace" icon will scan your Facebook news feed and only return results with links so you can browse stories, videos, and photos from the app. SkyFire also includes search capabilities, allowing users to search Facebook, Google, video results, Digg, Twitter, and Amazon for information about a particular topic.

DayLife (Android) $2.99

The winter season is nearly upon us. And while it does have it's share of holiday cheer, it's also not unusual for people to get a case of the blues. Some of these instances are more serious than others.

This app is a good way to gauge your emotional well being. Every day, track your emotional, physical and mental health throughout. Don't forget to document the different kinds of food you eat, if and when you exercise, and how much sleep you're getting. These are important factors that affect your overall health. Over time, this data will display a pattern and provide you with an analysis of what it means. There is also a demo version available in the marketplace for you to try for free.

Mute-O-Matic (Android) ~$1.94

Mute-O-Matic is an app that mutes your phone based on Google Calender events. Are you supposed to be in court next week? Or is your child's school play coming up? This app programs your phone to recognize when important events are happening and will mute your phone's ringer when these happenings begin. It will revert back to normal after the event has ended. Mute-O-Matic gives you the power to control which calendars and events will mute your phone and allows you to create custom recurring events.