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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 22: Help Me, Insult Generator, Techno Strobe

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Today's Fresh Android apps features "yo' mama" jokes, a cry for help and the start to an impromptu dance party.

HelpMe (Android) $1

It's scary to think that one day you may be in danger and in desperate need of help, but no-one will be able to figure out where you are calling from. The HelpMe app for your Android phone may be the program that saves your butt.

You can use it to send SMS with your location info (via base-station technology) or to dial a predefined emergency contact person. It can also be used for the care of people with disabilities, or an elderly person who is living alone.

Insult Generator (Android) $1.99

Someone catches you off guard with a "yo' mama is so fat" joke via text message. It's all in good fun, but you're still kind of offended. How do you respond?

The Insult Generator by Retarded Robot Development uses a database of phrases and subjects to generate insults on the fly. You can customize the target of the insult, modify existing insults, and even add your own. When you've generated the perfect insult, you can text it directly to any friend (or foe).

Techno Strobe (Android) $0.99

Thinking about starting a spontaneous dance party in a public place? Techno Strobe for your Android phone is an app that shoots regular flashes of light.

Strobe lights pop up a lot. They're used in theater, are attached to airplanes, and are used by scuba divers. In this case, most importantly, no rave or nightclub is complete without at least a handful of of strobe lights. For your office, bank or taxi-cab dance party to be a success, you need this application (and, probably several other people to dance with you).