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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 19: Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test and more

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Today's Fresh Android apps features a test that detects medical disorders, a Christmas Tree decorator, and everything that you wanted to know about your favorite singers and songwriters.

Autism-Spectrum Quotient Test (Android) $0.99

This is an app that tests for the presence of Autism or other Autism spectrum disorders. Autism is a kind of neural development disorder that is characterized by social interaction with other people and restrictive and repetitive disorder. These signs all typically begin before the age of three. This app can help detect if your child may have one of these disorders. Keep monitoring test scores over time to see if there is a trend.

Tree Decorator Free (Android) FREE

The holidays are upon us. Tree Decorator Free is an app designed for those who celebrate Christmas and commemorate that holiday with a pine tree. If you live in a tiny apartment like I do, you don't necessarily have the space in your living room for such a large decoration. The Tree Decorator Free app might work as a suitable replacement. It's a Live Wallpaper that lets you decorate your own Christmas tree. Choose which ornaments go on the tree and where they are placed. The tree spins in full 3D when you swipe your home screen.

Music Stars Facts (Android) FREE

It's sometimes easy to forget that celebrities are human beings, just like everybody else. We have a lot more in common with famous people than most probably think. This app is a database that's filled with random facts about famous musicians like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna and Justin Bieber. Download it to learn more random tid-bits about the day-to-day lives of your favorite singers and songwriters.