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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 18: Sky Map update, iFan Classic TV, and more

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Today's Fresh Android apps features two apps that will help you to travel through time and another that will have you communicating with the Starship Enterprise.

Google Sky Map update (Android) FREE

Google has made some updates to its popular Sky Map app. Now, instead of just being an app dedicated to the current night sky, you can skip ahead or jump back in time to look at the stars on a given date.

See what the night sky looked like the day you were born or jump ahead and see what it will look like the day your baby will be born. You can also pick from a menu of key dates in history. Currently, you can only go forward to the year 2100 and back to the year 1900.

iFan Classic TV (Android) $0.99

Feeling a bit nostalgic? iFan Classic TV acts like a video database of all your favorite comedy shows from the 1980s and 1990s. The app developers have spent countless hours scouring the Internet to find clips from TV classics. They are now confident that they have compiled the perfect list of clips of YouTube videos.

Have a favorite moment from Friends, In Living Color or All in The Family? There's a good chance these moments are just waiting for you to watch them in iFan Classic TV.

Star Trek Communicator (Android) FREE

Beam me up, Scotty! There's no intelligent life down here...

Download the Star Trek Communicator app and pretend you live on the Starship Enterprise. This app is designed to look identical to the flip-open, handheld communicators that were used by the crew in the fictional universe of Star Trek. More powerful than a modern cell phone, communicators give crew members the ability to contact starships and transport people to and from missions.