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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 16: Anti-Mosquito, Orbitz, Pulse News Reader

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Today's Fresh Android apps features a clever mosquito repellent, an easy way to plan an upcoming trip, and a colorful news reader.

Anti-Mosquito (Android) $0.90

There is not a single nice thing to be said about mosquitos. They're irritating, their bites make you feel miserable, and they sometimes serve as vectors for disease like West Nile Fever, Yellow Fever and Malaria.

Citronella candles and bug repellants are only so effective. Sometimes they don't even make a difference. This Anti-Mosquito app for your Android phone uses high frequency sounds that mimic the calls of bats. It's inaudible to human ears, but it supposedly keeps the bugs away.

Orbitz (Android) FREE

Orbitz is the ultimate travel planning app. Make hotel reservations, book a flight or a rental car quickly, even if it's needed the same day or at the last minute. This app works just like the website, giving you access to a selection of thousands of hotels, airlines and rental options.

While you're traveling, this app is also a good way to keep tabs on your travel itineraries, flight status, gate and baggage claim details. There's also an option to search for nearby hotels and their rates using your phone's GPS.

Pulse News Reader (Android) FREE

It's not very common to associate the word "colorful" with the word "news." The Pulse News Reader app is a platform for popular news sources and it has a heavy emphasis on photos. Each publication gets its own row, with a list of headlines, author information when available, and a nice big photo.

You can tap any story to open up a page where you can read the text of the article and see a larger photo. Pulse News Reader initially ran for between $1 and $4 in the Android Marketplace, but for today, the app is available for free.