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Bing tops Fresh Android Apps of the Week

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Fresh Android Apps of the Week brings you a powerhouse search engine's foray into the Android Market, a handy app for reporting potholes and more!

Bing (Android) FREE

It's been almost a year since Bing first appeared on the iPhone, but Microsoft's search engine has only recently come to Android. An alternative to Google and Yahoo! this app offers quick-access maps with listings of local businesses, a Favorites option, and “instant answers” for movie listings and flights. Once exclusively for Verizon handsets only, Bing is now available for all Android devices.

Microsoft has integrated voice search capabilities onto the app's homepage, which allows you to search for things with the sound of your voice. In addition to the voice search and traditional typed queries, Bing also offers searches based on your location.

Pothole Reporter (Android) FREE

Potholes can flatten your tires, screw up your alignment and dent your car. Unfortunately, we never see them coming. It seems like every time you spot the pothole in the road, it's already too late to divert yourself around it. Pothole Reporter is an app that shows users which spots on the road they should avoid and gives drivers a means to report issues to municipalities through simply using their GPS.

Just open the app and double tap on the screen to send a pothole location. Reports nationwide are displayed on a map at to inform the public of potholes and to give the local government agencies the opportunity to respond efficiently.

T2 Mood Tracker (Android) FREE

The Defense Department recently developed an app that monitors the emotional health of veterans and those who are currently in the service. T2 Mood Tracker users can record information about therapy, medication, daily events, marital status, and changes in environment, and users can customize the areas that they would like to monitor.

The app allows military personnel to document any post-traumatic stress, brain injury, life stress, depression and anxiety they experience. T2 provides users with tele-health technology, which means soldiers can communicate about these conditions with doctors over long distances, whether they live in urban, rural or suburban areas.

Shakespearean Insults (Android) $1.99

William Shakespeare lived a very long time ago, but his influence is still felt today. If he was looking for a descriptive word and he couldn't think of one, he would just invent his own. The man would make up his own words and this made for some really clever and often funny sounding insults.

Try it, thou twice-boweled butcher! My tongue is sharper than the sharpest sword. I bite my thumb at you! See? It does sounds a little bit strange, yet somehow, very exciting. Whether you want to make your life feel a little bit more literary, or you'd like to get some wide eyed stares at the bar, this is the perfect app.

Lost It (Android) FREE

If you're a big fan of ABC's hit television series LOST, you know that the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 are a major recurring theme on the show.

Lost It is an app that's based on these numbers. Pretend you're in the hatch and type in the secret code every 108 minutes. Either save the world every 108 minutes or suffer the consequences of the unknown.

How long do you think you can keep it going? Hours? Days? Months? Download this free app and find out.