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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 12: Bing, TGI Black Friday, Pothole Reporter

by Caitlin M. Foyt

For today's batch of Fresh Android apps, have your questions answered in an instant, psych yourself up for Black Friday, and protect your car from potholes.

Bing (Android) FREE

It's been almost a year since Bing first appeared on the iPhone, but Microsoft's search engine has only recently come to Android. An alternative to Google and Yahoo! this app offers quick-access maps with listings of local businesses, a Favorites option, and “instant answers” for movie listings and flights. Once exclusively for Verizon handsets only, Bing is now available for all Android devices.

Microsoft has integrated voice search capabilities onto the app's homepage, which allows you to search for things with the sound of your voice. In addition to the voice search and traditional typed queries, Bing also offers searches based on your location.

TGI Black Friday (Android) FREE

Just a few quick words of advice for the brave souls who plan to hit the stores during Black Friday: 1) Bring a shopping buddy, preferably someone who is employed as a bouncer, 2) wear a mouth guard and 3) have some idea of what you plan to buy before you enter any store.

In the case of number three, you should use the TGI Black Friday app to make your own, customized shopping list. Not only does it keep track of who's getting what, but it also maps out your shopping, store by store. TGI Black Friday allows users to browse over 10,000 deals from all the major retailers' Black Friday ads and has the ability to compare product prices to other stores.

Pothole Reporter (Android) FREE

Potholes can flatten your tires, screw up your alignment and dent your car. Unfortunately, we never see them coming. It seems like every time you spot the pothole in the road, it's already too late to divert yourself around it. Pothole Reporter is an app that shows users which spots on the road they should avoid and gives drivers a means to report issues to municipalities through simply using their GPS.

Just open the app and double tap on the screen to send a pothole location. Reports nationwide are displayed on a map at to inform the public of potholes and to give the local government agencies the opportunity to respond efficiently.