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Fresh Android Apps for Nov. 10: Shakespearean Insults, Bouncy Ball, and more

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Today's Fresh Android apps features clever insults, a high flying toy ball and a way to make your own ringtones.

Shakespearean Insults (Android) $1.99

William Shakespeare lived a very long time ago, but his influence is still felt today. If he was looking for a descriptive word and he couldn't think of one, he would just invent his own. The man would make up his own words and this made for some really clever and often funny sounding insults.

Try it, thou twice-boweled butcher! My tongue is sharper than the sharpest sword. I bite my thumb at you! See? It does sounds a little bit strange, yet somehow, very exciting. Whether you want to make your life feel a little bit more literary, or you'd like to get some wide eyed stares at the bar, this is the perfect app.

Bouncy Ball (Android) $2.39

Now that you're no longer a child, you may no longer notice the vending machines that dispense rubber toy balls at grocery stores and family-owned diners. But, who doesn't remember the super ball? They came in all different kinds of florescent colors and sometimes had sparkles and marble patterns. They were especially cool because they bounced really, really high. (Supposedly, the typical bouncy ball can keep 70 percent of it's kinetic energy in one rebound.) In a way, they are a sort of symbol of all of our childhoods. If you're in the mood for a bit of nostalgia, download this Bouncy Ball application to your Android phone.

Make Ringtones FREE (Android) FREE

Tap into your music library to make ringtones of your very own. It only takes a couple of seconds. Choose which part of the song you'd like to hear in the form of a ringtone and decide how long you would like it to last. If the song you like happens to be a popular hit, the app will list which points in the song are the most popular ringtones.

Once you learn how it works, make custom ringtones for each of your favorite contacts. This way you know which calls you should bother getting up for and which ones you should ignore. I mean, voicemail will get it, right?