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PayPal and other top Android apps of the week

by Kristen Nicole

PayPal is paving the road to mobile money’s future, with a number of platform and payment announcements this week. It’s no wonder PayPal’s Android app was a top performer. Also, Yahoo! also added two new fantasy league apps to the Android Market, just in time for basketball and hockey season.

Beyond this, there are several music apps making some noise in the Android Market this week. Here are your top Android apps.

Music & entertainment

Yahoo! launched fantasy league apps for the NBA and NHL this week, adding to its lineup of other sports-related apps. Access and manage your account, receive roster updates, stats on players, and messages from league members. Both of these Android apps are free.

Logitech launched its Harmony Remote for the Revue set top box, ahead of the Google TV launch. As a Google partner, the Android app acts as a way to interact with Google TV, searching programs, managing folders and toggling between applications. At the very least, you’re phone’s less likely to get lost in the sofa seat cushions.

Winamp is making a comeback, with a new Android app. Already climbing in popularity, the free beta app is a media management solution, running on 2.1 or higher. You can sync music from your Winamp desktop player, and the mobile player features audio playback controls, a play queue, scrobbling, playlist shortcuts and a widget.

7Digital is another music app for Android, turning your phone into an MP3 player. Sync music from your 7Digital account, or enjoy it subscription free. The integrated music player has the necessary functions, with album art and play lists. Purchase songs directly through the free app, and add to your collection anytime.

The SkyTunes app, which runs on AIR, allows you to skip the sync. Stream music from your computer on your phone with this Android app, which features automatic caching to your SD card, playback controls, and car mode. The app costs $5.99 after your two week trial is up.

YouTube has received the Google treatment, being launched as a stand-alone app in the Android Market. For its update, the free video app has an entirely new interface, with in-page playback and new player controls.  You can pull your home screen video feed for video recommendations, search clips and share them with friends.

Travel & utility

PayPal has added a good amount of functionality to its Android app since launching nearly a year ago, such as money transfers from your bank. You could already send money to friends and transfer payments, while a more recent update incorporated gesture “bumps” to send money to another device. The PayPal app is free.

Google may be facing legal troubles for its acquisition of ITA Software, but the company’s launched an Android app anyway. OntheFly is an advanced flight search tool, with complex travel calendars and filters to help you find the travel plan that suits your needs. While free, the only thing missing here is the ability to actually book a flight.

Macs may be adding multi-touch to keyboards, but the Itching Thumb app makes practical use of your gestures and swipes. The Launcher app add-on lets you launch and manage tasks, using gestures to make commands on your phone. Draw a “C” to pull up your contacts, for example, plus other easy shortcuts. This Android app is free.