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The New York Times and other top newspaper apps for Android

by Kristen Nicole

A recent report from Teradata indicates that people are consuming more news. That's encouraging, considering print media had been given a death sentence. The news consumption, however, is taking place on social networks and mobile apps.

Good thing you have that Android phone in your pocket. Here are the top apps to keep you up to date and in the know, anytime, anywhere.

The rebirth of print

The New York Times was relatively quick to launch an Android app once it decided to go mobile, bringing free articles to your phone. Search news, browse through categories and share articles via email, Facebook or Twitter. The app supports offline reading and adjustable font sizes.

USA Today has a well-rounded approach to news, bringing daily articles, scores, weather and more, to your Android device. Searchable and easy to use, the free app lets you mark and share your favorite articles. There's even a section for photos and USA Today Snapshots, where you can vote on your favorite images every day.

AP Mobile was an early supporter of Android, bringing news to the popular mobile platform. View and customize categories, access photos and videos, and share articles with friends across the social web. The AP has another mobile app called AP Today in History, which costs 99 cents.

Third parties and aggregators

For a custom news app, there's the recently updated World Newspapers. The free Android app lets you add newspapers to your list, making a personalized reader on your phone. There are a number of publications to choose from, spanning the globe. Search for items and build a feed to sync with Google News.

Newspapers is a daily catalog of print media, spanning a number of global publications. USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and the Daily Telegraph are just a few of the titles you'll find in this app. Save newspapers to your Favorites, filter by country, and view featured articles with this free app.

Reuters might not have an Android app, but that doesn't mean you can't get the news on your phone. The Thomson Reuters News Pro app delivers business articles and more, keeping you abreast of global financial news and business reports. The free app comes with an offline reading setting, as well.

NubiNews collects articles from more than 20 sites, including the New York Times, Reuters and the Los Angeles Times. Free, this Android app is an easily navigated aggregator with full articles and images. NubiNews also pulls articles from a number of magazines.

Read Later is a useful way to catch all those newspaper articles that you read from your mobile browser. Hit the Share button, and the ReadLater app gives you the option of sending the URL to your Instapaper account. Free, this app is a good alternative for Android users, as Instapaper is not an available app in the market.