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Best Android news apps of all time

by Phil Hornshaw

Use these 10 great apps to stay up to date with what’s going on in the world, no matter where you are. Whether you want a reader that can handle your RSS feed list, or curated, aggregated news stories that are all focused around things you like, we’ve got apps for you.

Flipboard: Your News Magazine (Free)

Flipboard: Your News MagazineFocusing on an elegant, easy to read design, Flipboard creates a magazine-style publication out of your favorite news sources. You can use the app to pipe in articles from various locations around the Internet, including publications and links found on your social network feeds, giving you access to everything you want to read on the web in a beautiful package.

NPR News (Free)

NPR NewsRead news stories from National Public Radio’s website, or listen to live shows streaming across your Internet connection with the help of NPR News. You get access to all the news of the day as it happens on the app, as well as the ability to listen to NPR shows from various channels across the country. The app also contains a listening widget, allowing you to control your NPR shows without having to open the app itself.

Feedly (Free)

FeedlyUse Feedly to pipe in RSS feeds from all your favorite sites and news sources, creating your personal news feed of everything you want to read. The app automatically fetches new articles periodically and presents them in an easy to read, mobile-optimized format. You can also share items you find on Feedly with other users across social networks.

Pocket Casts ($3.99)

Pocket CastsGet access to a huge number of podcasts with Pocket Casts, which makes it easy not only to find podcasts about anything that you’re interested in, but to subscribe and listen to them, as well. The app allows you to search for casts or find them by category, including news, and includes listening features like speed controls and a sleep timer for nighttime listening.

Pocket (Free)

PocketPocket is an app for saving all those news stories you found while you were on your computer during the day, but just didn’t have the time to read. You can use Pocket to save articles and videos for later from your computer browser; they’ll go on your reading list, where you can access them on your mobile device when you’ve got time, and articles are presented in a cleaner, more mobile-friendly version.

Al Jazeera America News (Free)

Al Jazeera America NewsThe American version of news service Al Jazeera is great for getting perspectives that are different and sometimes deeper than those available from traditional American media. The app has a photo-heavy layout that makes it easy to navigate, top articles that are ready to read when you load it up, and a playlist mode that funnels audio stories to you in succession. You can also receive breaking news alerts from the app.

Taptu - DJ Your News (Free)

Taptu - DJ Your NewsTaptu lets you organize various news and social network feeds from individual lists into “streams,” which you can then color-code and segment to create your ultimate news experience. Taptu takes articles from your streams and presents them in a highly visual way to make it easy to swipe through stories and streams, find what you want to read, and get it without any hassle. You can also sync streams across multiple devices and respond to social media updates through the app.

News360: Personalized News (Free)

News360: Personalized NewsCustomization and personalization are the watchwords for News360. It brings you news stories from all kinds of sources, with the idea being to avoid bias, and lets you choose which stories you want to read (including those from your social media feeds). Then the app learns what you like, what you don’t, what interests you and what doesn’t, and adjusts your news stream accordingly so you get exactly the stories you want to read.

Google Play Newsstand (Free)

Google Play NewsstandGet access to tons of publications through Google Play Newsstand, which includes both subscription features to magazines and newspapers, and articles that are available to read immediately. The app pipes in articles from all over the place in an elegant format, and divides publications up by category so it’s easy to find what interests you.

Yahoo (Free)

YahooRather than going for a feed or aggregation experience, Yahoo has decided to position itself as something more like a traditional newspaper. The app provides a daily digest of all the top day’s top stories, bringing you a curated batch of news that’s most important to your life. You don’t have to watch the feed all day to make sure you don’t miss anything, either.