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Best Android puzzle games of all time

by Phil Hornshaw

Take your brain out for a spin with some of the best games the Google Play Store has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of 10 puzzle titles that will make you think and offer plenty of fun along the way.

The Room ($0.99)

The RoomImagine being locked in a strange room filled with antiques and weird items, and all those items are really puzzles that hide keys, notes and switches. That's what The Room is like, and it's a puzzle game that packs both challenge and mystery. Each level has players carefully moving around a 3D space to investigate furniture, puzzle boxes and strange artifacts, in search of the solution to move on. You'll also uncover the game's strange, supernatural story along the way.

Cut The Rope 2 (Free)

Cut The Rope 2Like the original title in the series, Cut the Rope 2 primarily challenges players to use slashing motions to cut ropes. The ropes hold up a piece of candy, and your job is to guide it into the mouth of a waiting monster. To do that, you'll need careful timing and planning to cut the right ropes at the right time, and Cut The Rope 2 introduces lots of other elements, like characters with different abilities that you'll have to manipulate to find the best solutions to each level.


TetrisOne of the best-known puzzlers in video games is Tetris, and it's all about carefully stacking blocks in order to make complete lines from one side of the screen to be over. Blocks fall from the top of the screen, and you have a limited amount of time to move them into place and arrange them to fit together like puzzle pieces. As your score rises, the blocks fall faster, filling the screen with extras that you'll have to clear by creating lines before they take over the screen.

World of Goo ($4.99)

World of GooThe goo balls of World of Goo are both characters and the building blocks players need to solve its many puzzles. In each, your job is to place goo balls together, forming a scaffold between them that lets you build structures like towers or bridges. The idea is to reach the other side of the level, where a pipe will vacuum up the goo you didn't use -- you're scored on how efficiently you can build your solution while keeping it structurally sound.

Layton Brothers Mystery Room (Free)

Layton Brothers Mystery RoomThere are murders to solve in Layton Brothers Mystery Room, and in order to find out what happened to each of the victims and nail down who did it, you’ll need to investigate crime scenes, examine clues and question witnesses. The game tasks players with carefully analyzing clues to find contradictions in characters’ stories, so you can determine who the culprit is in each case.

Strata ($2.99)

StrataWeaving doesn't sound like the most interesting of activities for a game, but in Strata, it requires lots of puzzle-solving logic. In each puzzle, you need to weave colored strands together in a specific order to get a desired picture, with the right colors in the right places. That means figuring out the order, which becomes more and more complex over time, and requires players to think carefully and plan to get the best score possible.

Tiny Thief (Free)

Tiny ThiefA stealth game as well as a puzzle title, Tiny Thief challenges players to make their way through various levels without being seen by guards and other enemies. The goal is to steal a number of items in each stage, but you’ll need to figure out how to do that in order to succeed. You’ll need to move to the right locations to stay hidden, figure out how to outsmart the game’s enemies, and solve other small puzzles to navigate each stage and get the best score possible.

Dots: A Game About Connecting (Free)

Dots: A Game About ConnectingArcade puzzler Dots has similarities to games like Tetris -- you clear objects off the screen by connecting them in a certain way. In Dots, your job is to draw lines between various dots of the same color, which are adjacent to each other on a grid. Your score goes higher the more dots you clear at a time, so the goal is to clear dots strategically to make larger groups of a single color. All of this is timed, so it’s a race against the clock to pull down the best score you can.

Where's My Water? 2 (Free)

Where's My Water? 2Your job in the puzzles of Where's My Water 2 is to help guide water from one pipe to another by digging a path through the dirt between , using your finger. It sounds simple, but the game brings some challenge as you try to move the water carefully and even have to do things like change it to steam or ice in order to accomplish the goal. The game also adds more characters and game modes to the mix to change the way you’ll take on its levels.

Triple Town (Free)

Triple TownYou’ve likely played games in the match 3 genre before, but Triple Town takes the usual matching gameplay and adds layers of strategy. Your goal is to create a town by matching elements together -- matching three bushes makes a tree, three trees makes a house, and so on. The higher up the line you get with more and more complex objects, the higher your score when you inevitably run out of room in your house. You’ll also need to beware bears that will crowd up crucial spaces.