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New Android apps worth downloading: Type Your Ringtone, viaProtect, Artillery Strike

by Phil Hornshaw

Create your own ringtones from text with Type Your Ringtone, an app that makes notification sounds using text-to-speech tech.

Type Your Ringtone ($1.00)

Type Your RingtoneWhat’s it about? Create your own ringtones with Type Your Ringtone, an app that lets you type in messages and convert them into sound using text-to-speech capabilities.

What’s cool? Type Your Ringtone lets you do exactly that – it supports making custom ringtone and notifications sounds based on text you type down. The app's simple process has you typing in the message you want to be your ringtone, and then hitting the play button in order to hear how it sounds. You can alter the pitch and speed of the reading, as well as choose from various languages until you're happy with the sound. Once you're done, another button sets the new sound file as your ringtone or notification sound, and you're all set.

Who’s it for? Users looking for a way to make spoken messages into their ringtones can do so with no hassle using Type Your Ringtone.

What’s it like? You can make more ringtones from sounds and songs using Ringtone Maker and Ringtone Architect.

ViaProtect (Free)

viaProtectWhat’s it about? Assess your Android device's security risks by analyzing which apps pose threats and which have insecure openings using viaProtect.

What’s cool? Security is an important issue for smartphones and especially Android devices, and viaProtect can help you keep your device secure and in top shape. The app analyzes your apps and sees how they use data, where they send that data, and where potential security threats might exist. It monitors your device for malicious activity, but that's not all it does – viaProtect also keeps an eye out for potential security holes where future problems might exist, and notifies you of anything it finds that's fishy.

Who’s it for? If you're looking for an app that can help keep your Android device secure, try viaProtect – but keep in mind that this is still a preview version, so it might include some bugs yet to be squashed.

What’s it like? Other useful security apps include Mobile Security & Antivirus from Bitdefender and McAfee Antivirus & Security.

Artillery Strike (Free)

Artillery StrikeWhat’s it about? Fight the invading German forces of World War II in Russia in Artillery Strike, a strategy game not unlike Battleship.

What’s cool? Turn-based strategy title Artillery Strike will remind a lot of players of a land-based, World War II-themed Battleship. The game has players placing their various artillery weapons on a grid, choosing different varieties for different effects, and then using guesses, logic and strategic thinking to open fire on enemy positions. Each weapon you use has a different kind of shell and attack spread, and the idea is to use your differing capabilities to locate the enemy's artillery weapon by seeing where your shots land on the grid, and whether they hit anything. Artillery Strike also allows you to use special consumable skills to give you an edge as you take on other players and climb the game's worldwide leaderboards.

Who’s it for? Fans of strategic multiplayer gameplay should check out Artillery Strike.

What’s it like? Grab other Battleship-like titles in BattleFriends at Sea and Space Battleships.