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New Android apps worth downloading: Current Caller ID & Contacts and Cal Google Calendar & Exchange updates, Shadow Blade

by Phil Hornshaw

Find all the information you need about what's going on with anyone who calls you with Current Caller ID & Contacts, our first fresh app today.

Current Caller ID & Contacts update (Free)

Current Caller ID & ContactsWhat’s it about? Whitepages' Current Caller ID & Contacts app leverages social networks and other information about who's calling you.

What’s cool? Current Caller ID is more than just a name and a phone number when you receive a call. The app also uses your social networks to bring up relevant information about your callers and friends so that when you pick up the phone, you know who you're talking to, what the weather's like where they live, what's new with them on Facebook, and more. The app also provides interesting analytics to show you when the last time you talked with a contact is, when the best times to call are, and so on. You can access profiles through Facebook to find things like phone numbers and other data, and Current Caller ID also makes it easy to link into Whitepages info for businesses and the like. The app's latest update adds a new interface and a dialer that lets you make calls from within the app, and a soon-to-be-released update will help users avoid scam calls and can run up their wireless bills.

Who’s it for? If you want more information out of your caller ID than just who's on the line, grab Current Caller ID and see what it has to offer.

What’s it like? Other useful caller ID apps include Truecaller and Caller ID & Call Blocker.

Cal Google Calendar & Exchange update (Free)

Cal Google Calendar & ExchangeWhat’s it about? Cal looks to be your all-in-one planning app, bringing together information from Google Calendar with things like directions, contacts, and social media information to make planning everything easier.

What’s cool? Calendar app Cal isn't just about your scheduled appointments and meetings. The app also works in your task lists and brings you reminders for items based on both time and location to help you stay on task. You'll also get mixed-in useful features, like the ability to locate nearby meeting places when setting up an appointment, integration from Facebook that reminds you about birthdays and the like, and the ability to quickly call up directions to wherever it is you need to be for your next event. The newest update to Cal adds the HeadsUp feature for meetings, allowing you to quickly see who's coming to a meeting, let everyone know when you're running late, and do your scheduling or add agenda items for the current meetings or follow-ups.

Who’s it for? Users who want a versatile calendar app that can help you stay organized, check out Cal.

What’s it like? Get more organization capabilities from Google Calendar and Jorte Calendar.

Shadow Blade (Free)

Shadow BladeWhat’s it about? Fight enemies and run, wall-jump and climb through fast-paced platforming levels in Shadow Blade.

What’s cool? Side-scrolling platformer Shadow Blade has players, in the role of a ninja, fighting through levels to reach their exits as fast as possible. To maintain your speed and survive, you'll have to leverage all your ninja skills, like slicing through enemies, leaping over obstacles and climbing walls with quick jumps. You'll also need to avoid deadly traps like spikes and search levels for hidden objects to maximize your score. Speed is essential to a high score, but you'll also want to carefully check each level and consider your options to avoid enemies and find everything there is to snag along the way.

Who’s it for? Fans of fast-paced platformers should grab Shadow Blade.

What’s it like? Other fun action-platformers titles with similar mechanics include League of Evil and Punch Quest.