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New Android apps worth downloading: Auto Finder, Opera Max, Bad Roads 2

by Phil Hornshaw

Never lose track of your car again with today's first app worth downloading, Auto Finder, an app that automatically marks where you park.

Auto Finder (Free)

Auto FinderWhat’s it about? Always remember where you parked with Auto Finder, which automatically marks where you've parked and stores the information with no extra work on your part.

What’s cool? Auto Finder has a simple job – remember where you parked your car. Opening the app when you start driving keeps it aware of when you're moving and when you're not. It uses your Android device's GPS to detect when you've parked, and once you have, the app automatically marks where on a map. You can also mark your parking spot manually, if you so choose, and Auto Finder provides you with directions to get back to your parking spot from wherever you are using your GPS.

Who’s it for? If you have a tendency to lose track of where you leave your car when you head out, check out Auto Finder as a solution.

What’s it like? Other apps that can help you find your car when you forget where you left it are Where I Parked? and Parkdroid.

Opera Max (Free)

Opera MaxWhat’s it about? Save on your mobile data bill with Opera Max, an app that helps you track and compress your device's data usage.

What’s cool? The job of beta app Opera Max is to help Android users cut back on the amount of cellular data their devices suck down, thereby trimming their bills and saving money. The app lets you monitor the data usage of each of your apps, so you can figure out what's drawing the most data whenever you use your apps on your cellular network. Opera Max can also reduce your overall data usage by compressing the data for most apps, like video, photos and text. Just keep in mind that Opera Max is still in beta testing, which means there are still likely bugs to be worked out.

Who’s it for? If you need to cut back on your Android device's data usage, give Opera Max a try.

What’s it like? You'll find alternative means of reducing data usage with My Data Manager and Data Traffic Monitor.


Bad Roads 2 (Free)

Bad Roads 2What’s it about? Navigate some really bad roads in Bad Roads 2, a side-scrolling arcade title in which you have to manage your speed in order to keep from losing your truck's cargo.

What’s cool? Casual arcade title Bad Roads 2 is all about keeping things from falling out of your truck. You drive through levels, each outfitted with that ever-popular silhouette art style, and attempt to go over bumps and potholes without jostling your cargo out of your trunk or flatbed. How fast you hit obstacles plays a big factor, so you'll need to carefully manage your speed as you progress – but you're also scored on how many items you manage to get past the finish line quickly, as well. Bad Roads 2 also sports a two-player split-screen mode, so you can challenge friends to see who's the best bad roads driver.

Who’s it for? Fans of games that are simple to play but tough to master should try their hands at Bad Roads 2.

What’s it like? You'll find similar game play in the original Bad Roads, obviously, as well as Snuggle Truck.