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New Android apps worth downloading: Waze update, Meet Me Halfway, Tin Star

by Phil Hornshaw

Get navigation help today from Waze, a maps app that leverages user info for better directions, and Meet Me Halfway, an app to help you meet up.

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic update (Free)

WazeWhat’s it about? Community driven maps app Waze brings users information about the best routes to reach their destinations, offering voice navigation and live accident updates.

What’s cool? Most mapping apps aren't great about things like construction and traffic, and that can be a major issue when you're trying to get to an appointment and suddenly facing down an accident or a detour. Waze is a mapping app that leverages its users to help gather information about various roads and routes. You can report traffic incidents yourself to help other users dodge them, and get traffic and other information from those other users as they're driving as well. Waze also provides the usual traffic app stuff, like voice-narrated navigation, automatic rerouting and cheap gas along your routes. Waze's latest update adds the ability to get automatic directions for events listed in your calendar, as well.

Who’s it for? If you want a smarter mapping app that brings in more up-to-date information, give Waze a shot.

What’s it like? Other useful navigation apps include MapFactor and Navigate 6.

Meet Me Halfway (Free)

Meet Me HalfwayWhat’s it about? Quickly find good meeting points midway between two places with Meet Me Halfway, an app specifically designed to help you and others meet in the middle.

What’s cool? Another useful navigation app, Meet Me Halfway is designed for people looking to meet up at the most convenient places for both parties – exactly halfway between you. The app maps where you are and where the person you're trying to meet up with is, and then plots several potential meeting locations between you, like restaurants and other useful places. You can share the places you pick with other people to facilitate your meeting, and the app allows you to filter your results, focusing or eliminating anything from shopping malls to university locations.

Who’s it for? Anybody who needs to find the most convenient place to meet someone, especially those who have to travel a long way to meet each other, should try Meet Me Halfway.

What’s it like? Check out MeetMe for another option for finding cool places to meet up with other people.

Tin Star ($3.99)

Tin StarWhat’s it about? Interactive storybook game Tin Star puts players in the Old West as a U.S. Marshal, investigating a conspiracy that spirals out as they make decisions that affect the flow of the story.

What’s cool? Interactive story apps like Tin Star don't generally carry a lot on the visual side of the equation, but they make up for it with compelling stories. Each section of the game has players reading the story as it unfolds and making decisions about how to proceed – do you open fire on the criminal or let him get away? Do you play it cool with the saloon owner or flash your badge? Each choice alters the course of the storyline as it moves forward, and each choice you make matters for how things proceed forward.

Who’s it for? If you like westerns, games with compelling stories and hard choices that force you to do a little role-playing, you should definitely check out Tin Star.

What’s it like? You might also be interested in developer Hosted Games' other story titles, Popcorn, Soda … Murder? and Mobile Armored Marine.