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New Android apps worth downloading: Lovely - Find Homes & Pay Rent update, Eventseeker, Deadman's Cross

by Phil Hornshaw

Find a new place to rent when you're looking for somewhere to live with Lovely, and use the newly updated app to pay your rent, too.

Lovely – Find Homes & Pay Rent update (Free)

Lovely - Find Homes & Pay RentWhat’s it about? Find a new place to live with Lovely, an app for finding and locking down rental properties in a given area.

What’s cool? Especially in cities, apartments and houses for rent are always in high demand, and finding a new place when you need to move can be a big pain. Lovely is an app specifically focused on rentals, helping renters locate different places to live in their area, all of which are displayed on a map for easy reference. You can also see rental rates, check out photos and read property descriptions, and Lovely lets you know how long a listing has been up, as well. You can also get notifications for the latest listings, so you can capitalize on them as quickly as possible. Lovely's new update adds the ability to automatically pay your rent through the app with your landlord's payment details.

Who’s it for? Renters, whether you're looking for a new place to live or an easy way to pay rent at the one you're already in, try Lovely.

What’s it like? Find more real estate and rental options with Trulia – Apts & Homes for Rent and Hotpads Rentals & Real Estate.

Eventseeker (Free)

EventseekerWhat’s it about? Eventseeker works to find you events and performances you might want to check out, based on the things you already like.

What’s cool? Skip typing in the bands, comedians, games and shows you might want to see and waiting to find out when they're coming to your area. Eventseeker finds events for you by plumbing your device's media library, your social media history, the stuff you listen to on Pandora, and more. Then eventseeker sends you notifications when something you like is coming to town so you can grab tickets. The app also recommends other, similar acts and shows you might enjoy based on your likes, and brings information on acts, teams, comedians and more, including videos and their full tour schedules.

Who’s it for? Anybody looking for help figuring out what to do or what acts to see and when should try eventseeker.

What’s it like? More apps for figuring out what you should do with yourself include StubHub and All Events in a City.

Deadman's Cross (Free)

Deadman's CrossWhat’s it about? Role-playing-collectible card game hybrid Deadman's Cross sends players into a global zombie apocalypse to fight for survival and uncover the cause of the global pandemic.

What’s cool? Deadman's Cross is a role-playing title set in the middle of the zombie apocalypse with first-person shooter and card battle elements. That means you'll work through a story that has you interacting with other characters, exploring the city and avoiding the undead hordes, while also blasting away at roving Deadmen with your sniper rifle in a full first-person mode. You'll also create your own undead horde of battle cards, which you can then use against other players in an online multiplayer mode.

Who’s it for? If you like role-playing titles, zombies, shooters and card battle games, check out Deadmen's Cross, which has a little bit of everything on offer.

What’s it like? You might also want to check out developer Square Enix's Guardian Cross, which was created by the same team as Deadman's Cross.