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New Android apps worth downloading: update, Superior Tactics, Pathogen - Strategy Board Game

by Phil Hornshaw

Grow your computer knowledge and learn how to handle different kinds of tech and software with educational app update (Free)

Lynda.comWhat’s it about? Learn all kinds of computer-, tech- and software-related stuff with mobile access to the database, which is full of video tutorials on a number of subjects.

What’s cool? Educational app is a ticket to the database of learning videos and tutorials housed at The app, and the service that goes with it, are geared at teaching their users on subjects that let them stay current on the latest software and computer advancements that can be key to getting jobs and keeping up with a number of industries. Video tutorials cover a variety of subjects and are broken into short subjects, so it's easy to pop in for one answer or spend hours learning all the skills you need on a given subject or piece of software.'s latest update brings a host of user interface improvements, compatibility with Android phones as well as tablets, the ability for nonmembers to browse the service's library, and a whole lot more.

Who’s it for? is geared at people who want an easy way to learn new things; just note that you'll need a subscription for full access.

What’s it like? Learn more online with the help of apps such as Udemy and video2brain.

Superior Tactics (Free)

Superior TacticsWhat’s it about? Real-time strategy title Superior Tactics has players building a fleet of airships to take on enemy fleets as they meet each other on 2-D aerial battlefields.

What’s cool? Superior Tactics challenges players to come up with some tactics, which are superior, and leverage them against fleets of enemy ships that become progressively more difficult to defeat through the course of the game. Of course, you get a fleet of your own, which you can build to your own specifications and deck out with the kinds of weapons you want. That means you can send small groups of snub fighters to bear against larger frigates, or build bigger battleships that can wage war from across the battlefield. As you play, you'll earn research points that can be applied to making your ships more powerful and more effective in combat.

Who’s it for? Fans of 2-D real-time strategy games with a space-age feel should check out the aerial battles of Superior Tactics.

What’s it like? For more intense strategic battles, snag Arma Tactics and Call of Duty: Strike Team.

Pathogen – Strategy Board Game ($2.99)

Pathogen - Strategy Board GameWhat’s it about? Pathogen is a digital board game in which players attempt to convert the grid-based game board to their color by using various viruses to take control of other cells.

What’s cool? You take on the role of something like a virus in Pathogen, and it's your job to turn other cells to your color. You face off against another virus in the form of the other player, and each of you take turns strategically using your viruses to convert the game board to your side – and once it's full, whoever controls more of it is the winner. To convert cells and squares to your side, you can place virus cells near them – the more powerful your cell, the more likely it is to start chain reactions that convert other cells. But you have to be careful and strategic, because lots of cells together of one type can be converted by the enemy just as easily, and you'll have to wait several turns for your best weapons to become available again. The game supports local and online multiplayer, and also includes a map editor that lets you set up your own game scenarios.

Who’s it for? Players who like strategic board game play should definitely grab Pathogen.

What’s it like? Other great mobile versions of fun board games include Ticket to Ride and Abalone.