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New Android apps worth downloading: Fitbit and Bandcamp updates, The Room Two

by Phil Hornshaw

The follow-up to the award-winning puzzler The Room has just hit Android, bringing more intricate 3-D room puzzles to players.

Fitbit update (Free)

FitbitWhat’s it about? Fitness app Fitbit links with various sorts of activity trackers to help users reach their fitness goals and track their movements, food intake, and more.

What’s cool? One of the best ways to make sure you’re getting enough exercise, watching what you eat, and making the other choices you need to maintain in order to lose weight, is to have lots of information at your disposal. Fitbit is a fitness tracking app that links with several different kinds of fitness band devices to help you make sure you’re getting all that info. It lets you sync with your fitness devices wirelessly, and you can set daily goals and monitor how many steps you take in a day, how far you travel, and how many calories you burn. You can also keep track of everything you eat by logging your food into the app, which helps you see that you’re taking in the right number of calories and burning the right number as well. There’s also a social aspect that lets you compete against and support friends. Fitbit’s latest update adds additional support for more devices, including Sony’s Xperia Z models.

Who’s it for? Users who need an app that can keep them informed about their workouts and other fitness information should check out Fitbit.

What’s it like? Other useful fitness-tracking apps include MapMyFitness and Fitness Tracker.

Bandcamp update (Free)

BandcampWhat’s it about? Discover, listen to and purchase new music from tons of independent artists and bands with Bandcamp.

What’s cool? You might know the music website by now – it’s a place where musicians of all stripes can allow users to preview and purchase their music, and its newly added Bandcamp Fan capabilities add a lot more features to the experience. The site’s Bandcamp app works with your Fan account to allow you to stream the music you’ve purchased on the site to your Android devices, and also gives users streaming access to the Bandcamp radio show, Bandcamp Weekly. You can view music you’ve added to your “Wishlist” and preview it, and Bandcamp’s new update lets you follow other users and see what they are listening to and purchasing.

Who’s it for? Avid Bandcamp users will want to grab this one just for the access to their music libraries, but the app has other great features, as well.

What’s it like? You can stream more music with the help of apps such as Pandora Internet Radio and Spotify.

The Room Two ($2.99)

The Room TwoWhat’s it about? The Room Two is a strange, elaborate room escape title with phenomenal graphics and intricate puzzles that will test your logical thinking and observation skills.

What’s cool? Picking up right where its predecessor left off, The Room Two again puts players in a series of rooms filled with strange objects, all of which are carefully crafted puzzles that must be solved. In order to escape each room and solve each level, you’ll need to carefully inspect the objects available to you to see how they work, what you can open, and what secrets they hide. That usually means looking at things like puzzle boxes or furniture for clues – is there a strange seam, or a decorative inlay that’s out of place? Tap into it use your Android device’s touchscreen tech to try to manipulate it. The Room Two is easy to pick up and play, but its puzzles 3-D puzzles are often tricky; luckily, there’s a handy hint system if you should find yourself stuck.

Who’s it for? Puzzle game fans who appreciate smart designs and beautiful graphics shouldn’t hesitate to grab The Room Two.

What’s it like? You should absolutely also play The Room if you haven’t – it’s an award-winning title and the game’s strange story is directly continued in its sequel.