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New Android apps worth downloading: Speedometer by Sygic, Nexercise = fun weight loss, Sonic Dash update

by Phil Hornshaw

Snag Speedometer by Sygic, our first app worth downloading today, and get yourself warnings that help you keep down your driving speed.

Speedometer by Sygic (Free)

Speedometer by SygicWhat’s it about? Track your driving speed and avoid running afoul of speed-monitoring cameras with Speedometer by Sygic.

What’s cool? Sygic's Speedometer goes a couple steps further than the one mounted in your car's dashboard. The app tracks your speed when driving using your Android device's GPS capabilities, and you can set it to keep an eye on how fast you're going and issue warnings when your speed gets up too high. When those warnings go off is customizable and up to you, allowing you to help yourself avoid speeding when driving. The app will also help you track mileage on trips, and Speedometer can notifying drivers when they're nearing a speed cameras if they're in use in your area, so you also can avoid a ticket.

Who’s it for? Users looking for a handy speedometer app and something that can help them avoid some speed traps should try Speedometer by Sygic.

What’s it like? Check out Ulysse Speedometer and HUD Speedometer for a pair of speed-monitoring alternatives.

Nexercise = fun weight loss (Free)

Nexercise = fun weight lossWhat’s it about? Get yourself some exercise motivation with Nexercise, a fitness app that brings game-like additions such as badges and social sharing to your workouts.

What’s cool? Nexercise is designed to help its users find the motivation to get in shape and keep up their fitness habits. The app lets you track all the information relevant to exercising and weight loss, and lets you track more than 200 different physical activities so you can see how all your exercise measures up. The app also includes a number of other features to help get you in gear, like social sharing that lets you see how you're doing compared to other users and to support one another, and badges that are unlocked as you hit fitness milestones.

Who’s it for? If you're looking for an app that can help keep you motivated to work on your fitness, try Nexercise.

What’s it like? Other fun apps for providing fitness motivation and tracking include Fitocracy and Runkeeper.

Sonic Dash update (Free)

Sonic DashWhat’s it about? Sonic Dash put the super-fast blue hedgehog into an endless runner-style game, with obstacles to dodge, enemies to fight, and of course, rings to collect.

What’s cool? It's all about going fast in Sonic Dash, an endless runner based on Sega's various action-adventure games featuring its iconic blue hedgehog. Players race through the game from a third-person behind-the-back perspective, and you'll need to dodge obstacles by switching sideways between three different “lanes” as you run. There are also tons of obstacles to roll beneath or leap over, and Sonic has to fight through enemies as well using his powerful dash attack. Sonic Dash's new update throws in a new boss fight with Sonic's long-standing series nemesis, Dr. Eggman, and throws in new achievements and new global challenges in which players can take part.

Who’s it for? Endless runner fans who are looking for a fast-paced game with a little more variety than most games in the genre will want to snag Sonic Dash.

What’s it like? You'll get a similarly fun running experience from Temple Run 2 and One Epic Knight.