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New Android apps worth downloading: Aviate Beta, Groopic, Solar Flux HD

by Phil Hornshaw

Apply for the closed beta of Aviate, an app that monitors where you are and readies and organizes the apps you need.

Aviate Beta (Free)

Aviate BetaWhat’s it about? Personalization app Aviate organizes your Android device and categorizes your apps, allowing you to spend less time hunting the information you need and more time using it.

What’s cool? Aviate is an app that keeps your phone organized and your apps under control, but it also helps you easily make use of them. It keeps track of where you are, like at the gym or at work, and then calls up the apps you use most when you're in those places so they're ready to go. That means you don't have to go hunting for your email app when you're at work – it's already waiting for you and ready to go. Aviate adapts other things to how you use your phone as well, like your home screen, your navigation information, and more. The app is currently in a closed beta test, but you can request an invite once you've downloaded it from the Google Play Store.

Who’s it for? If you're looking for an app that anticipates what you need from your phone, try Aviate.

What’s it like? You can get more quick access to your apps with Evi and personalization from Themer.

Groopic (Free)

GroopicWhat’s it about? Groopic lets you stitch multiple photos together, making it possible to take a group photo even when one person is stuck holding the camera.

What’s cool? The bummer of hanging out with friends and wanting to take a picture together with your Android device is that it can be a pain to execute. Groopic makes things easier: Instead of leaving the photographer out of your shot, it allows you to take two photos and stitch them together into a single group image. It works by having one person take a photo of the group, then switch photographers and take a second shot with the original photographer in the frame. Once you've got both images, you can just mark the two photographers in each shot, and the app does the rest, creating a single composite group picture with everyone in it.

Who’s it for? Mobile photographers who love group shots but constantly find themselves grappling with multi-person selfies should try Groopic.

What’s it like? Make use of more spiffy photo technology courtesy of Adobe GroupPix and Photo Effects.

Solar Flux HD ($1.99)

Solar Flux HDWhat’s it about? Travel through space carefully avoiding obstacles to capture plasma and reinvigorate dying suns in Solar Flux.

What’s cool? Solar Flux is an arcade puzzler in which you control a space probe that must float through asteroid fields and past other hazards, collecting special plasma orbs in order to shoot them into nearby stars. In order to do that, though, you'll have to carefully use momentum and fuel to navigate the areas around you without crashing. Each of Solar Flux's more than 80 levels scores you on how little fuel you can use to accomplish your goals, and it's not easy to stop your spacecraft's inertia or to redirect it, so every thruster blast counts.

Who’s it for? Players who enjoy arcade titles that reward skill and patience will want to try their space travel skills with Solar Flux.

What’s it like? You might also want to check out similar titles such as Osmos, or grab the free version of Solar Flux is Solar Flux Pocket.