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New Android apps worth downloading: Themer Beta, Mobilligy: Pay bills for free, 100 Doors 2

by Phil Hornshaw

Make your Android device your own with Themer Beta, an app that lets you quickly customize the theme of your home screen.

Themer Beta (Free)

Themer BetaWhat’s it about? Quickly and easily change the look of your Android device with Themer, an app for quickly choosing and applying themes.

What’s cool? Themer is a pretty simple idea – it lets you quickly change the look of your Android device by selecting from pre-made themes that automatically alter the organization, layout and colors of your home screen. The app includes tons of free picks with a variety of themes like Batman or Hello Kitty, and you can customize all the themes to your liking in order to get exactly what you're looking for. If you're not happy with a theme, you can quickly switch to another or to your original home screen. Just note that the app is still in beta, which means that some bugs are still being worked out.

Who’s it for? If you want a more interesting, customized look for your Android device, check out what Themer has on offer.

What’s it like? There are also other cool theme apps in the Google Play Store, including Shadow Theme and Unicon.

Mobilligy: Pay bills for free (Free)

Mobilligy: Pay bills for freeWhat’s it about? Mobilligy lets you manage your bills from your Android device, sending notifications for what's due and letting you pay them across your Internet connection.

What’s cool? Mobilligy is a finance app aimed at helping to make keeping up with bills and paying them on time as easy as possible. The app keeps you updated about what bills are due when, allowing you to see upcoming bills on your home screen or in a calendar view. You can pay bills from within the app over your Internet connection, and Mobilligy sends notifications whenever a new bill shows up, or if anything goes wrong. You can also double-check your bank accounts with the app to make sure you can cover whatever bill you're about to pay

Who’s it for? If you could use a hand keeping up with when your bills are due and making sure they're paid quickly and on time, try Mobilligy.

What’s it like? Get more bill-paying options out of your Android device with Evolve Money and PG&E Mobile Bill Pay.

100 Doors 2 (Free)

100 Doors 2What’s it about? Escape from a series of 100 rooms by solving puzzles to open doors in 100 Doors 2.

What’s cool? Puzzler 100 Doors found popularity in the Google Play Store by providing users with tons of room escape puzzles. Developer MPI Games is back with even more puzzles in 100 Doors 2. Each room requires players to find a way to open the door to the exit, and each is unique; in order to find the solution, you'll need to leverage your Android device's capabilities, doing things like shaking your device, tilting it, inverting it and more to unlock hidden secrets. You'll also need to carefully check each scene for items you can take and use to solve puzzles. The best part of 100 Doors 2 is that while there aren't quite 100 puzzles in the game just yet, it's always being updated with more roms.

Who’s it for? Players who got a kick out of 100 Doors and other room escape puzzlers should snag 100 Doors 2.

What’s it like? Other great room escape puzzlers include The Room and Doors&Rooms.