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New Android apps worth downloading: Togethera: Share Family Photos, Word Lens Translator and Star Wars: Tiny Death Star updates

by Phil Hornshaw

Keep your social network personal with Togethera, our first app worth downloading today. It lets you share updates and images privately with family.

Togethera: Share Family Photos (Free)

Togethera: Share Family PhotosWhat’s it about? Togethera is a private social network, meant to make it easy for families and other close-knit groups to share images and videos together.

What’s cool? Some people have trouble with social networks that are big and bloated – it's hard to share personal moments with people you care about when you also find yourself sharing them with your college roommate and your best friend from elementary school tee ball. Togethera pares back the number of people you share with to small, specific groups, like family or close friends. You can use the app to create multiple groups to share your updates, photos and videos with, and the app is set up to focus only on those people you choose to include, rather than subscribers, followers, or acquaintances. Togethera also includes an easy interface, making it useful even for your less tech-savvy relatives.

Who’s it for? If you're looking for an easy way to share information, images and videos among family members and other tight groups, try Togethera.

What’s it like? You'll find another small-scale social network in Path.

Word Lens Translator update ($4.99)

Word Lens TranslatorWhat’s it about? Use your Android device's camera to quickly translate words from one language to another on things like signs and menus, with the help of Word Lens Translator.

What’s cool? Word Lens is one of those apps that makes you excited to have a smartphone or a tablet. To use it, you aim your device's camera at text you want translated as if you were going to take a picture of it, and the app translates the text on the screen of your device in real time. Word Lens can't handle too many words at once, but it is handy for when you're traveling to a country where you don't speak the language and need to quickly figure out where the bathroom is or what it is you're about to order to eat. The new update to Word Lens adds Russian to its repertoire of languages, which makes it great for users who are in Sochi for the Winter Olympic Games.

Who’s it for? Word Lens Translator is great for travelers who need a way of quickly translating words and phrases.

What’s it like? For more translator help, you might want to check out Google Translate and Talking Translator.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star update (Free)

Star Wars: Tiny Death StarWhat’s it about? From the maker of Tiny Tower comes Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, a management sim in which your job is to grow the Death Star by adding various floors, installing businesses, and recruiting people to work on them.

What’s cool? A lot of Tiny Death Star is similar to other games in the management sim genre: you add floors to your structure (in this case, the technological terror that was to be the centerpiece of Emperor Palpatine's power), assign them functions like businesses or housing, and then recruit people to live in your Death Star and work jobs on the various floors. In Tiny Death Star, however, you'll also be using the money you earn from the public areas of the Death Star to advance the Emperor's sinister agenda by building Imperial floors below the main ones. With a Star Wars theme and plenty of characters showing up from the franchise, Tiny Death Star has a lot of fun fan service to offer, as well as addictive gameplay. Its latest update adds new levels and missions, and additional timed events, for players to complete as they construct the ultimate power in the universe.

Who’s it for? Fans of casual management games and a humorous look at Star Wars should give Tiny Death Star a go.

What’s it like? For more Star Wars-themed fun, grab LEGO Star Wars and Angry Birds Star Wars.