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New Android apps worth downloading: SKIT! Animated Video Maker, theScore update, Table Top Racing

by Phil Hornshaw

Snag SKIT!, our first fresh app of the day, and turn your photos into creative, animated masterpieces you can share on social networks.

SKIT! Animated Video Maker (Free)

SKIT! Animated Video MakerWhat’s it about? Create speedy animated videos out of your photos and viral images with SKIT!, and then share them across social networks.

What’s cool? Sharing photos is fun, but sharing photos with a little more of an animated, personal touch is better. That's the thinking behind SKIT!, an app that lets you take your photos and add things like text and stickers, cut out portions and animate them, and add portions of viral images to the mix. The result are some fun and goofy animations in which still images move around, and you can use them to create cards to send to other users across social networks. SKIT! includes hundreds of stickers and other elements you can add to your photos and animations, and also lets you use images from Facebook and elsewhere.

Who’s it for? If you're someone who likes to add a little creativity to your photos and shares, SKIT! might be the app to help you do it.

What’s it like? Have more fun with animation with Stick Draw and Wondershare PowerGIF.

theScore update (Free)

theScoreWhat’s it about? Sports app theScore brings scores from pretty much all of sports, and makes it easy to stay up on sports news and information.

What’s cool? There are a whole lot of sports in the world, which is why fans might want to check out theScore. The app brings scores from all kinds of different sports, as well as breaking news, the latest in headlines, and off-season trade and signing tracking. All of it is updated in real time, so you know you're getting the very latest information from every game. You can also share stories and scores across social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and theScore lets you customize your feed of news and scores for the sports you're interested in. The app's new update integrates scores and info from the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, along with other stats and notifications for other sports.

Who’s it for? Sports fans, theScore will help you keep current on everything you need to know about sports.

What’s it like? Other useful providers of sports info and news include ESPN SportsCenter and Yahoo Sports.

Table Top Racing (Free)

Table Top RacingWhat’s it about? Race little cars across tables, picnics and other tiny landscapes in Table Top Racing, a title that throws combat in with its racing.

What’s cool? Table Top Racing isn't just about the racing part – it's actually a combat racing game, which means that players also get to bring things like missiles and other weapons to bear, as well as their cornering and breaking skills. The “table top” part refers to the landscapes – all the races take place on eight different tiny tracks, which go across landscapes like picnic lunches and desktops. Table Top Racing features 18 different cars, all of which can be upgraded, and nine different power-ups to use in offense or defense in different races. Table Top Racing also packs full Google Games support, which means you'll get access to leaderboards and cloud saves.

Who’s it for? Fans of racing titles with a power-up heavy, arcade edge should check out Table Top Racing.

What’s it like? You might also dig the combat racing of Death Rally and Beach Buggy Blitz.