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New Android apps worth downloading: NBC Olympics Highlights, Aligned Signs: Get to Know You, Slash of the Dragoon

by Phil Hornshaw

Get ready for Sochi with NBC Olympics Highlights, an app that gets you videos from all the sports and second-screen use during primetime.

NBC Olympics Highlights (Free)

NBC Olympics HighlightsWhat’s it about? Follow highlights from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, with NBC Olympics Highlights, and turn your Android device into a second screen during primetime viewing.

What’s cool? Keeping up with the Winter Olympics might be tough if you're several hours away in the U.S., but NBC Olympics Highlights can at least help a little with your games withdrawal while you wait for the nightly Olympics primetime broadcast. The app brings highlight videos and pictures from every sport, as well as real-time results tracking, schedules and medal counts. You can also see what events are going to be broadcast on NBC and when with the app, and when you watch on TV, NBC Olympics Highlights functions as a second screen app with additional information for what you're seeing.

Who’s it for? Olympics fans, NBC Olympics Highlights can help you keep up on the games wherever you are with a lot of different options for content.

What’s it like? Get more out of the Winter Olympics with Sochi 2014 WOW and BBC Sport.

Aligned Signs: Get to Know You (Free)

Aligned Signs: Get to Know YouWhat’s it about? Meet new people and make connections using Aligned Signs, an app that tests your personality based on three different criteria to help you find people you'll like.

What’s cool? Aligned Signs isn't quite a dating app, but it does help you find people nearby you with whom you might have a compatible personality. The app connects you with new people based on three criteria: the Myers-Briggs Assessment Tool that gauges certain aspects of your personality; your Chinese Zodiac sign; and your astrological sign. Then, it lets you create a profile and browse those of other people, while providing matches every day for people who might be compatible with you. Aligned Signs then provides users the ability to send messages and connect if they want.

Who’s it for? If you're looking for a new way to meet people (especially with Valentine's Day fast approaching), try Aligned Signs.

What’s it like? Find more potential dates and matches with and POF Free Online Dating.

Slash of the Dragoon (Free)

Slash of the DragoonWhat’s it about? Slash of the Dragoon challenges players to fight enemies by slashing at their screen through special blocks, combining role-playing action with touch-based puzzle gameplay.

What’s cool? There are a lot of interesting gameplay systems at work in Slash of the Dragoon. It's an action role-playing game in which your goal is to make your character more powerful through loot and upgrades as you play through its story, but instead of the usual gameplay of tapping buttons to hack away at enemies, you use your finger to do the real damage. The “slash” part of Slash of the Dragoon refers to using your finger as a blade on the screen, but you don't cut away at enemies. Instead, you have to guide your finger carefully through blocks that appear on screen, cutting through them on particular paths. Do a good job and link them together in one motion, and you'll grab bonus damage and other upgrades. You'll also find and evolve monsters to fight by your side and upgrade your sword to make it more powerful as you work through the game.

Who’s it for? Players who get a kick out of role-playing games in which they get to build parties of powerful characters, and skill-based puzzlers that require careful control, should try out Slash of the Dragoon.

What’s it like? You'll find some similar mechanics in Fruit Ninja and Record of the Agarest War.